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The Power in staying the Course!

The Power in staying the Course!

June 06, 2020

I know that we have faced a lot in these recent months… from a global pandemic, to worldwide economic shutdown, and a huge drop in the global financial markets. Now as businesses throughout our country are continuing to reopen and facing a “New Normal,” it can be difficult to see the GOOD.

 SO LET’s look at the Positives, because I truly believe there are going to be MANY good things that will come out of what we have gone through as a country and as a world.

 FIRST, I think this time has allowed many of us to slow down and re-evaluate our goals and priorities and what is most important to us…

 For some it might be the importance of our Health, our Family, starting a new hobby or business, or simply having the ability to get out and enjoy the things that are most important to us!

 SECOND, despite the downturn in the financial markets in March, we have seen a trend upward, with many positive days in recent weeks.

 I have been conducting one on one reviews with many clients’ in order to evaluate performance and asset alignment, as well as reviewing many of your accounts and here is what I have noticed….

 Clients who have stayed the course over a rolling 1 year period are still showing their accounts returns and values as POSITIVE! This goes to prove that the work we have done together in building out your portfolio that is designed in anticipation of market volatility as opposed to reacting to market volatility, allows you to weather these storms.

 Finally, are you finding that your BUDGET is not as tight and you have been able to save extra money? Most of us are ordering out less meals, spending less, and are finding that we may have a little extra money in our checking accounts.

 If this resonates with you, there are opportunities now to invest those extra funds and get your money to work for you!

 If you have any questions on your accounts, your investment opportunities or anything please reach out to me.


Thank you!



Jessica L McCrory