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Take the stress out of the unforeseen! Family Preparedness Workbook.

Take the stress out of the unforeseen! Family Preparedness Workbook.

July 17, 2020

It is hard to believe that we are over half way through 2020! There is no doubt that this year has been quite a ride already and I do not anticipate this changing in the near future. In times of external chaos I believe it is important to bring our focus back to what is within our control.  

So I want to ask you a question …

If there is an emergency or if something were to happen to you, does your family know where to find your important documents, medical and financial information? And more importantly who to contact?

Have you ever said to yourself, “I really NEED TO organize my financial information in one place and let my children know where everything is located?” BUT does this task feel very overwhelming? Are you not sure where to even begin?

WELL … I have a WORKBOOK for you that will help to make this task a little bit easier! The workbook is designed to guide you through thinking about all of the pieces of your financial medical and personal life. With the goal of gathering all of your essential documents together in one place! Here is just some of the content included in this valuable resource: 

  • DOCUMENTING your Information, your spouse’s information as well as your emergency contacts (including attorney, CPA, insurance agents, financial advisor etc.).
  • GATHERING your key documents and indicating where they are located and who has a copy (Passports, memberships, wills, trusts, marriage and birth certificates, etc.)
    • Do you have a safe or lock box?
  • MEDICAL information including medical history, doctors, prescriptions, and insurance information.
    • Let’s not forget your PETS information for veterinarians and prescriptions.
  • FINANCIAL Information including banking accounts, investment accounts, life insurance, credit card information, assets and liabilities.
  • DIGITAL information including online account inventory, access information, subscriptions, and reward accounts.

I TRULY feel NOW is a great time to get our important documents and financial information in order, regardless of our age or stage of life. The current environment has undoubtedly shown us that our world can shift very quickly. ARE YOU PREPARED?

Use this workbook to start the conversation with your loved ones and children so they know where to go to find all of your important information. I also encourage you to schedule a meeting with me so we can all sit down and go through the workbook, fill in the pieces and allow your children or loved one(s) to meet me and gain an insight into the work we have done together.

I cannot tell you how many children or loved ones of clients have called over the years in a state of panic as they try to put ALL of the pieces together and understand who to contact and where to find information. LET’s help to cut through the chaos, be proactive and get PREPARED by Centralizing important documents and information for your Family and Loved Ones!”

Contact me and I will mail or email a copy of the Workbook!

~ Cheers!