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Ditch the Worry

Ditch the Worry

May 28, 2020

Ditch the worry and begin taking Action on your Financial Plan!

I have a free offer of you!

These days there are many things in our lives that are out of our control, like our ability to socialize, the volatility of the stock market, our children and spouses being at home 24/7, or our income being dramatically changed. I know that life seem chaotic and overwhelming right now. When there is so much uncertainty in the world, it is essential for us to refocus on what is important!s

Here are three common misconceptions that I feel face most investors:

 1. Misconception #1 – “Developing a Financial Plan with an Advisor is only for High Net Worth Individuals.”

 It is important for everyone to develop a comprehensive financial plan! It gives you clarity and sense of security in times of chaos. In my practice, I work with my clients to develop a financial plan that involves taking a detailed review and analysis of all facets of their financial situation including cash flow analysis, retirement planning, risk management (aka Life Insurance needs), investment management, tax management and estate planning.

 2. Misconception #2 – “I am not old enough to talk to a Financial Advisor. Or, I will wait until I am ready to retire to talk to an Advisor.”

 It may be truly that you feel that you have the ability to manage your own finances HOWEVER, the financial world is ever changing and evolving each day. It is very difficult to get lost in all the trends and you may miss out on some important opportunities over the long term. In my practice, I help my clients navigate the ever changing environment. In times like these of chaos and market volatility I help to steer and guide them on the right path and remind them of their long term goals.

 3. Misconception #3 – “I should be make changing to my investments now that there has been market volatility and I have lost money. Or believing that you can time the market.”

 History has shown that market timing does not work consistently over the long term. Rather long term investing and “time in the market,” along with a well-developed financial plan can help you in pursuing your goals. In my practice, I engage my clients in goal based financial planning (“Planning with Purpose Method”) and then work to develop a properly allocate investment portfolio align with the clients individual needs, values and risk tolerance. Rather than putting your investments as the main focus we use your goals to aid in structuring your investment portfolio so you can live the life you desire. 

 Do any of these misconceptions resonate with you? If so, I have a free workbook, “The Home Stretch 7 Things you need to do before you Retire” to send to you but ONLY if you request it from me at I know you will take action on this exciting offer. 😊!